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TogetherYes - Sustainability for the Community


 MISSION STATEMENT: Together Yes, Inc. endeavors to inform and support Norwood residents and businesses in matters of sustainability, including economics, conservation of resources, and ecology. In the belief that local actions and initiatives bear influence on sustainability for state, region, nation, and world, Together Yes, Inc. encourages community building and responsible stewardship of the earth and its inhabitants.

JOIN US! Together Yes invites all residents of Norwood who are aged 18 or over to join. Businesses located in Norwood are also welcome to membership. Civic groups are invited to join, as are youth organizations. All youth groups must be represented by someone at least 18 years of age.

There are no dues or fees for membership, and no scheduled meetings. Small task or interest groups formed by members meet at their own discretion with support from Together Yes (though most contact will be via email and phone). Participate as little or as much as you wish and have time for. Use the website, let us know your thoughts, and share your advice. To join, click  Contact.

POLITICS, NOT AS USUAL: Together Yes, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation, and does not formally endorse political candidates or support lobbies. While we do not contribute financially to campaigns or lobbying, we encourage our members to work vigorously for fair and sustainable governance. Together Yes does sometimes discuss political issues relating to our purpose, and we make every effort to provide accurate information to one another. Please register and vote. It is not only our civic duty; it is our right to self-govern.


Notice No Ads? We are not owned in part or in whole by any business or person. We make do without the extra dollars.

Donations: As we own nothing, make no investments, and are entirely volunteer, we welcome donations of money, services, or goods as appropriate. Either click on the Donate button, or click the Contact button to send us an email.

Welcome to Write: Please Contact us if you’d like to contribute material for the website. We have an editor who makes decisions on content and proofreads all submissions.

About Liability: Together Yes assumes no responsibility for how you use information gathered from our site. Please use your common sense when following advice found here.

Permissions: Together Yes retains copyright to material on this site. Contact us via email if you’d like to reprint something. There is never a charge for use of our material!

Together Yes, Inc.~a 501(c)(3) corporation~Nonprofit

Board of Directors: Vic Babel, Norwood; Susan Clare, Norwood; George Michalec, Norwood

Webmaster: George Michalec

Editor: Susan Clare

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