Sustainability for the Community

TogetherYes - Sustainability for the Community

Saving Food, Money, Health

We are interested in drying, freezing, and canning food. It is money saving and healthy. We can control what goes into our food (no chemical additives), and it will support local agriculture. This is a sustainable practice. We welcome participation from Norwood residents, as well as residents of surrounding towns.

Let’s talk about it together. We can have a newsletter with advice and questions; we can organize initiatives such as small groups to buy produce in bulk from farmers, even get together for canning “bees” to help one another process foods. Some have suggested a preserved-food swap, where we exchange a jar of jam for a fair amount of dried tomatoes, or a jar of bread and butter pickles for some canned peaches.

Please email us if you’re interested in learning more, whether it’s to think about initiatives or just to share information and ask questions in a newsletter. Those who know how can teach others. The short New England growing season is begun; let’s not waste it. Use the Contact button or email us at:

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