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Upgrading the Wardrobe

Old slacks and jeans become trendy handbags; skirts out of style become kid’s garments; clothes that no longer fit become the perfect size; out of date blouses and shirts get modernized; an unsuitable item with nonetheless pleasing fabric (possibly from a thrift shop) becomes something attractive to use or wear; scraps become baby dolls and lap throws.

Some Together Yes members have begun looking into this as a partial solution to economic challenges and waste reduction. Why not join us, and share information and ideas? If you can’t sew or lack the equipment, join anyway, and we’ll help you.

There are many possibilities: the sharing of how-to’s; get-togethers to learn techniques and strategies; expert advice (yes, a professional seamstress is willing to teach, though those of us with sewing experience will be fine teachers as well); finding sewing equipment, materials, and notions for which we pay little or nothing; helping local teens repurpose clothing; workshops offered for any of the above.

Always buying new is not necessary, and it is wasteful. Together, we can find some clothing solutions. Maybe not just clothing either—what about making kitchen towels, curtains, tote bags, and pillows from old fabrics?

Email us by clicking the Contact button or at to make suggestions, ask questions, indicate a willingness to learn and/or teach  (professional experience not necessary) more about this initiative. If you don’t have time or inclination for sewing, perhaps you’d like to help organize workshops and initiatives to make this available for others.

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