Sustainability for the Community

TogetherYes - Sustainability for the Community


In late-fall/early winter, Together Yes plans to offer a free series of sewing workshops (3-5 of them), and will have sewing machines available for the workshops. It is hoped that smaller groups of people interested in a particular pursuit will continue meeting and talking with one another. It’s about community, as always.

These workshops will show how to do basic sewing: using a machine, necessary hand sewing, repairs, mending, altering, etc. Just “how to.” But they will also show ideas and techniques for turning clothing and other household fabrics (curtains, sheets, towels, etc.) into usable items. We are trying to avoid discarding and buying new as much as possible. Sustainable from an economic perspective, of course, but also sustainable in that we won’t be buying so much that’s been outsourced overseas and transported back to us at great cost (monetary & environmental). This aims also to show how fabrics can often replace plastics in many items of use. The notable absence of such textiles in our landfills is an obvious environmental plus.

Just by word of mouth so far, we are aware of people who’d like to take these workshops, including some men and high school students. This is not only sustainable for people, but financially important for those who have trouble buying new when something no longer fits, needs mending, or goes just “out of style.”

We will naturally have one of the workshops focus on the use of smaller scraps that can be saved to quilt or appliqué.

If you are interested in helping plan/organize the Sewstainability workshop series, or would like to get your name on the list of participants early, please email us by clicking on the Contact button. We would also welcome ideas and suggestions!