Sustainability for the Community

TogetherYes - Sustainability for the Community

Thought for Food

Buying organic vs. local food is tough to sort out. Both lend themselves to sustainability in their own ways. Various claims to “all natural” and “organic” mean different things. Some food production, even organic, opens the door to E-coli and Salmonella. Independents in agriculture are being driven out of business by huge monopolies, and we need to stop participating in that. Healthy food that is sustainably produced seems to cost more, as does Fair Trade food. There must be a way of eating sustainably on a budget.

So many issues around food! If you’re interested in learning more, in studying the food we eat, let Together Yes know, and we’ll help you connect with others similarly concerned. Several people working together will mean no one has to spend more time than s/he is able. Best of all, you can educate the rest of us, right on this website! If you’d rather work alone, begin now, and share with us what you’re learning.

Quilters and Crafters

Together Yes needs money to fund its efforts and support small group initiatives (such as buying seeds for community gardens). The raffle of a handmade quilt would bring in some of these important dollars, and create public awareness of our work toward sustainable living.

If enough of us work together, it won’t be overly time consuming, for any one of us, to design and create such a quilt (perhaps asking people to make a square each, along a theme).

If you have quilting experience, or know how to sew, send an email to Together Yes, and we can work together on this project.